OUR NEXT EVENT: Architecture + Building Expo 2023 | 11 – 12 OCT 2023 | RDS | Dublin
OUR NEXT EVENT: Architecture + Building Expo 2023 | 11 – 12 OCT 2023 | RDS | Dublin

Georgina Nichols

Data & Financial Manager


Georgina originally joined the team September 2016 as part of the finance department. While working in finance she built good relationship with our exhibitors and in doing so increased collections and reduced the credit period.

During Bloom 2017 she also undertook the role of managing the staff who were employed for the duration of the show.

As EventPro’s Event Data Manager Georgina will support the event project teams by managing both our exhibitor and the invitation lists using her advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel. As part of her new role Georgina will be responsible for:

  • Developing and managing online event registration portals including building registration websites and lists.
  • Database management to ensure consistency of information, accurate data, managing and generating lists upon request
  • List manipulation to provide team members with relevant registration data, year on years, statistics, and insight into varied elements and event analytics
  • Working with our GDPR compliance partners in ensuring all of our data adheres to the highest Data Protection standards.
  • Creating and distributing online surveys, electronic invitations, and other registration-related communications
  • Assist attendees with registration process

And all carried out with a smile.

Contact Info

Tel: +353 (0) 1 295 8181
Email: georgina.nichols@eventpro.ie